MSS in Economics


This programme is designed to give the students a broad exposure to the dynamic process of economics. The Master of Social Science (MSS) programme in Economics also emphasizes all round competence in economics. Student in this programme will have all the necessary skills for jobs in the related fields and ability to successfully complete higher studies in Economics at home and abroad. The MSS in Economics at European University of Bangladesh (EUB) is designed for the student with a research oriented mind.

The Master of Social Science (MSS) in Economics is a two year programme intended for students who want to develop economic understandings and knowledge, and to develop their skills in development and applied research. It is designed not only for those who wish to pursue careers in academia, but also outside it such as, government departs and offices, business and research organizations.

Students who have completed a four year BSS Honors in Economics programme, without any break in studies, are eligible to apply directly at the Second Year Level. Other must successfully complete the First Year Level.

The Master of Social Science (MSS) in Economics (Two-Year Master)

The students did not complete a four year BSS Honors in Economics programme, they must successfully complete the First Year Programme.

  1. Student who have completed satisfactorily a three BSS (Hons) programme, BA (Pass) degree at the National University, are eligible to seek admission in the two year MSS programme.
  2. Students who have more than a two year gap from regular studies must undertake a two year MSS programme.
  3. Both regular and irregular student who have received a third class in BSS (Hons), 2 Grade Point, must undertake a two year MSS programme.

Course Structure of the Two-Year MSS Programme
MSS in Economics is a 39 credit our programme. These credits are divided into three semesters. The programme structure of the MSS in Economics is given below:

Study Area Course Code Courses Title Semester Credits Total Credits
Foundation Course ECO: 502 Fundamentals of Mathematics 1st 3 18 
ECO: 503 Fundamentals of Computer Application 1st 3
ECO: 504 Fundamentals of English 1st 3
ECO: 506 Bangladesh Studies 2nd 3
ECO: 509 Introduction to Statistics 3rd 3
ECO: 507 Introduction to Business 2nd 3
Core Course ECO: 501 Introduction to Microeconomics 1st 3 18 
ECO: 505 Introduction to Macroeconomics 2nd 3
ECO: 510 Intermediate Microeconomics 3rd 3
ECO: 511 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3rd 3
ECO: 508 Introduction to Finance and Accounting 2nd 3
ECO: 512 Econometrics 3rd 3

To obtain MS (Two Year) in Economics degree students will have to complete 75 credit hours. The duration of program is 2 (Two) year. The total semester of the programme is 6 (Six). The medium of instruction of programme is English. The programme design is shown in the below:

Years Programme Year-1 Level Year-2 Level Total
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4 Semester 5 Semester 6
Credit Hours Credit Hours Credit Hours Credit Hours Credit Hours Credit Hours
2 12 12 12 12 18 6 75

To get MS in Economics degree a student must obtain a CGPA 3.00 and above. If any student fails in any course he/she will get the opportunity to improve the grade by retaking the examination in the subsequent semester.

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