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Message From Chairman
The European University of Bangladesh has started its journey towards achieving excellence in higher education in this country. In its consideration, the fount of progress in Europe has been higher education centering around science and technology. In search of excellence, the European University of Bangladesh will, go at length, to emulate the ways traversed by universities and institutions of higher education and learning in Europe.

Muhiuddin Khan Alamgir 
Ph.D, M.A
University of Dhaka
Boston University
European University of Bangladesh


Dr. Mokbul Ahmed Khan

Message From Vice Chairman
It is my great pleasure to offer a message of goodwill to potential students, guardians, educationists and other members of the society on behalf of the European University of Bangladesh (EUB). We shall be more than happy to welcome you at our campus to exchange and share your views.
The determinants of development have been changing from manufacturing to services and from capital resources to knowledge resources. More

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Mr. Md. Abdul Hamid
Hon’ble Chancellor
Dr. Muhiuddin Khan Alamgir
Hon’ble Chairman
Professor Dr. Mokbul Ahmed Khan
Vice Chairman