BSS (Hons.) in Economics


This programme is designed to give the students a broad exposure to the conceptual, theoretical and practical aspect of economics activities of human being. It also allows the students to learn the dynamic process of economic growth and development and the problem and issues it generates. Therefore, the programme analyses the economics of growth, economics of development and different theories of growth. The programme is also designed to introduce the economics of critical policy issues in the context of broad sectoral performance. The programme over all emphasizes all round competence in economics. Student in this program will have all the necessary skills for jobs in the related fields and ability to complete higher studies in Economics both at home and abroad. Requirements for the BSS (Hons.) in Economics degree is HSC from any groups.

BSS (Hons.) in Economics is a 141 credit our programme. These credits are divided into General, Non Major, Major and Elective courses. General, Non Major and Major courses are compulsory and Electives Courses are optional. The programme structure of the BSS (Hons.) in Economics is given below:

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BSS(Hons.) in Economics Course Offering Fall 2020

Study Area Course Code Courses Title Semester Credits Total Credits
General Course ECO:103 Fundamentals of Mathematics 1st 3 15
ECO:104 Fundamentals of Computer Application 1st 3
ECO:108 Fundamentals of English 2nd 3
ECO:112 Ethics, Equity and Justice 3rd 3
ECO:111 Bangladesh Studies 3rd 3
Major ECO:101 Introduction to Macroeconomics 1st 3 63
ECO:102 Introduction to Macroeconomics 1st 3
ECO:205 Mathematics for Economics 2nd 3
ECO:105 Intermediate Microeconomics I 3rd 3
ECO:106 Intermediate Macroeconomics I 3rd 3
ECO:109 Intermediate Microeconomics II 3rd 3
ECO:201 Intermediate Macroeconomics II 3rd 3
ECO:210 Econometrics I 3rd 3
ECO:302 Econometrics II 3rd 3
ECO:212 History of Economic Thoughts 3rd 3
ECO:303 Development Economics 3rd 3
ECO:211 International Trade 3rd 3
ECO:306 International Finance 3rd 3
ECO:401 Advanced Microeconomics 3rd 3
Course ECO:403 Advanced Macroeconomics 11th 3
ECO:305 Public Economics 9th 3
ECO:402 Money and Banking 9th 3
ECO:207 Bangladesh Economy 5th 3
ECO:404 Research Methodology 11th 3
ECO:405 Undergraduate Research Report 12th 3
Non-Major ECO :107 Statistics I 2nd 3 30
ECO :202 Statistics II 4td 3
ECO:208 Introduction to Sociology 5th 3
ECO:204 Introduction to Politics and Governance 4th 3
ECO:209 Introduction to Anthropology 6th 3
ECO:203 Introduction to Finance and Accounting 4th 3
ECO:304 International Economic Policy and System 8th 3
ECO:110 Introduction to Business 3rd 3
ECO:206 Mathematics I: (Linear Algebra and Calculus) 5th 3
ECO:301 Mathematics II: (Optimization Techniques) 7th 3
Elective Courses ECO:307 Political Economy of Developed and Under Developed Countries 7th 3 33
ECO:308 Gender and Development 7th 3
ECO:309 Agricultural Economics 7th 3
ECO:310 Labor Economics 7th 3
ECO:311 Industrial Economics 8th 3
ECO:312 Urban Economics 8th 3
ECO:313 Poverty in Bangladesh 8th 3
ECO:314 Transnational Corporation 8th 3
ECO:315 Advanced Econometrics I 9th 3
ECO:316 Environmental Economics 9th 3
ECO:317 Health Economics 9th 3
ECO:318 Natural Resources: Conflict and War 9th 3
ECO:406 International Business 10th 3
ECO:407 Population Economics 10th 3
ECO:408 Advanced Econometrics II 10th 3
ECO:409 Industrial Organization 10th 3
ECO:410 Public Policy Analysis 11th 3
ECO:411 Economics of Planning 11th 3
ECO:412 Behavioral Economics 11th 3
ECO:413 Monetary Economics 11th 3
ECO:414 Contemporary Economic Thought 12th 3
ECO:415 Marxian Economics 12th 3
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141 Credits

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